5 Books That Inspire To Read This Spring

I spent some time (a lot of time) going to the book stores this spring looking for what to read. And, without surprise, I found tons of books that pulled me to read more than I planned to – from non-fiction to memoirs, self-help and of course, children’s books. Here’s my little spring guide of the five books that I enjoyed.

Little Black Book By Otegha Uwagba

This little handbook for creative, working women is a source of encouragement I finished in just one evening. Don’t be fooled, though. Despite it’s a tiny short book, it goes straight to the point and offers valuable information on building your own business. From public speaking through finances and social media to dressing yourself, I found small gems that helped me re-think what I’m doing and where I’m going.

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What to read in spring 2018: Othega Uwagba – Little Black Book

Why We Sleep By Matthew Walker

I first mentioned Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker in my early year’s book picks but it took me a while to dig into this book. Because I’m a light sleeper and if it was possible, I would skip sleeping altogether. However, this book showed me how important sleep is. From healing inflammation (which I’m dealing with), improving long term and short term memory and elevating your fitness, sleep is critical not only to keep you going but also to achieve success.

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What to read in spring 2018: Matthew Walker – Why We Sleep

Fame By Andy Warhol

Ever wondered how much fun a £1.00 book can give? Andy Warhol’s Fame is a short collection of aphorisms on Love, Beauty and Fame that our generation can easily relate to. Although I found some of his ideas on relationships a little bit cringing, most of the text is humorous and fits the era of social media. If Warhol still lived today, I bet he would have at least a billion of followers.

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What to read in spring 2018: Andy Warhol – Fame

On Writing By Stephen King

Part memoir, part a book on writing, Stephen King’s On Writing is a wonderful resource for his fans and writers alike. The moment I started listening to the audiobook, narrated by King himself, I couldn’t stop listening. As he shows you the most memorable moments of his childhood, you begin to understand how it shaped his storytelling. Stephen King is probably one of the best writers of our times. If you read a few of his novels, you shouldn’t skip this one, either, whether you aspire to be a writer or not.

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Little People, BIG DREAMS: Audrey Hepburn by Isabel Sanchez Vegara

Perhaps like every other millennial girl out there, I see Audrey Hepburn as an inspiring person and a fashion icon. Therefore I was happy to see that Audrey not just lives on in picture books and memoirs, but also in children’s books section. Audrey Hepburn is a beautifully illustrated book that shows the actress’s most memorable moments of live. Starting with her childhood and ending with her charitable projects, this book shows the big heart that children can look up to.

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What to read in spring 2018: Little People, Big Dreams – Audrey Hepburn