Should You Really Go Vegan?

If you live in London, the word “veganuary” probably rings a bell. In fact, it seems that veganism has never been more popular than now and it’s still on the rise. From health and weight loss, animal welfare and making the difference to the environment, these are just a few of the reasons why people opt to be vegan.

I’m Not Really Vegan – I’m Just A Little Vegan

I’m not vegan myself and I admit I would probably find it very difficult to be one. While I’m allergic to the most of the sources of vegan protein – legumes, nuts, and seeds – meat remains in my diet, period. My allergies and intolerances usually show up as inflammation. Sometimes I bear with eating nuts better, other times worse. Sugar peas are fine, hummus is not. Then there’s the stress factor. The more stress I have, the least tolerant my body is to any allergens. And so on…

Veganism is not black and white. It has many shades. The hardest thing is finding your own. – Albert Sobilo

However, there are some parts of veganism that I’ve adopted. Since I’m also allergic to milk and the amount of nut in  the nut milks is low, I’m a huge fan. Oat milk is also another great option, not mentioning coconut milk, which has great anti-flamatory benefits and gut-healing properties. I’m so happy about all the amazing alternatives that are getting increasingly popular. Few years ago, ice-cream was a word I thought I’d never use again. Today, I have so many choices that I don’t know where to start.

The Moralism In Veganism

Veganism is also much about morality and ethics. Such as, “eating animals is bad (a murder)” or “eating animals (cows) is bad for the environment”. While science has proved the latter, the facts on why, how, and what kind of meat from animals is bad for you vary. Research shows that it depends on what environment the animal was raised and typically, we’re not talking about eating only pork chops 24/7 for each and every meal. That, of course, even just from using common sense, wouldn’t do you too much good.

Then there are studies about eating fish – eating fish more than twice a week has the same health benefits as being a fisharian. But then someone else comes up with stats about how much mercury fish have today thanks to the polluted oceans. Finally, it doesn’t help that you need your Omega 3’s, either, and it also doesn’t help that there are two types of Omega 3’s, and the one in fish can be hard for your body to produce on its own. As you can see, I could go on and on but I’ll spare you. You can use Google and read newspapers yourself after all.

I was born and raised that “animals are killed to be eaten”, but I’m not going to argue about the terrible ways how they’re being slaughtered today. The drugs that the animals eat, the poor diet they’re fed on, the small space they’re given to survive. That’s far from how my grandparents used to care of their rabbits and chicken. This is where veganism questions their living conditions quite righteously.

To Be Vegan Or Not?

Although I’m pretty sure that I won’t ever go vegan, I find that veganism has its place in the world. It’s a response to many of the problems we’re facing today – whether that’s environment, health problems, or, how we, people, have become increasingly dehumanised… As long as veganism isn’t just another “way of being right” about these problems and introduces alternatives how to deal with them, I see the benefit of it. And that’s being vegan should be in the first place: a way of better living.

Make The Connection – A Documentary About Veganism And Social Media

The new documentary Make The Connection looks deeper into why is veganism important and how social media influenced the movement. The film is written and directed by Albert Sobilo and Antonino Barbaro, and produced by Under the Film. If the topic interests you, watch out for film festivals and more posts on my blog. Oh and did you notice – if you watch carefully, you’ll see me somewhere around 1:16 in the film trailer!

Make The Connection: A Film About Veganism & Social Media - Hana Jay Writes, vegan, veganism