Eat, Sleep, Laugh & Tidy: Four Books To Kick-Start The New Year

If you’re like me, you love looking for new books that will inspire you to be a better person. Books are the perfect way how to dwell on a conversation that you knew nothing about before. In the new year, my husband and I have decided to elevate our health, happiness, and home. Here are the books I recommend reading.

Too Good to Waste by Victoria Glass

I love cookbooks. Love, love, love them. But they must have a nice cover and lots of pictures inside. This one does, plus it comes with one handy promise: to give you more choices on how to use up leftovers. Although I throw out food very sporadically, there are things in my fridge that are usually kept food too long, meaning they’re no longer fresh. Typically, those would be bananas, beetroots, salad and root vegetables.

And despite I know what to do with bananas (freeze for ice-cream, banana bread, or banana-protein smoothie), beetroot is the dreaded vegetable that gets sticky before I even have an opportunity to eat it. But how about Salted Caramel, Beetroot, and Chocolate Cake? Sounds pretty good to me!

Despite this book is not full of gluten-free and dairy-free recipes, I’m pleased with the inspiring ideas that Too Good to Waste provides.

Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

Since I’ve brought my training and running routine back to my life about two months ago, I was facing a big problem. No matter how well I ate, I was consistently tired and lacked energy. Then one day I came around a function on my iPhone, Sleep Analysis. If you use the iPhone’s alarm clock, you know how it works. You set a time when you went to sleep and when the alarm rings to wake you up. Additionally, it also shows you how much time you spent “in bed”. (E.i. the actual sleep time could be less, depending on how fast you fell asleep, etc.)

I checked my stats that I’ve been unknowingly collecting since February 2017 and I was shocked. Most months, my average “In Bed” time was 7 hours 15 minutes. Which means that quite possibly, I was sleeping about 6 hours and 45 minutes as it takes me about 30 minutes to fall asleep. No wonder that I was feeling exhausted when I started training again.

Matthew Walker touches on the importance of sleep in his book Why We Sleep. He brings attention to our unhealthy habit of sleeping less than our body needs and supports his research with neuroscience. A good read for those who are, like me, ready to take good care of their body and mind, and become more productive.

Welcome to Yellowberry Hill by Mark Mowforth

Three animals visit a daily adult life. Onesie Owl, Quite Small Panda, Frog in a Mug, Snake in a Cape, a Warm Hat Duck, are a few of the different characters living in Yellowberry Hill. They’re quirky and a little bit mad. Most importantly, they crack really good jokes. And, what really adds a lot of character to the book, is that they deal with the digital world, just like the rest of us. Phones, iPads, text messages – they’re all there. I find that many authors try to leave out the digital world from their writing but Mark has nailed this down in a relaxed manner.

This book is a great cartoon for adults who need to turn off their brain but are looking for an intelligent, well-worded jokes and laughter.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever by Marie Kondo

Since my husband’s been to Japan last year, he fell in love with the simplicity of Japanese lifestyle. Their minimalist apartments, bringing nature in the space and “less is more” approach is something that the Western culture is missing.

For the year 2018, we decided to create a new way of building our home. Everything we own has to be at least the two of the following three: beautiful, useful/functional, inspiring. If whatever we own doesn’t pass this test, we’ll ditch it. (There is one exception: if it’s something rather expensive that we can’t afford to replace, we’ll keep it.)

And with that, Andrej has realised that he’s holding on too much clutter and things he doesn’t need. Clothes, books, documents, and everything in between – it’s time to have a look what will stay and what will go. Marie Kondo‘s approach says, “Keep only what sparks joy.” Shouldn’t your home be like that, after all?