Do You Give Christmas Presents To The Right People?

As I started preparing for this year’s Christmas, I already had an idea who are the people I’ll be buying Christmas presents for. But this year I discovered I may have missed some very important people. Who are they?

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Christmas Presents For Family

It’s easy to think of giving presents. First on the list is the close family, then some other family members, and friends. Those are the people who know you well and you have some connection with them, whether that’s a family bond or nights when you cried on their shoulder when something happened in your life.

Of course, these are the people we shouldn’t forget. In my family, we follow certain rules when we buy presents. Because the number of our family members has recently grown, we give presents to each couple or a family with a certain budget.

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We also no longer pick surprise gifts as they tend to bring more disappointment than joy. It never works when you bought someone a slightly different perfume than they wished for. So, unless I want to buy an extra present and I know exactly what they want, I don’t buy it.

Presents For Friends

I find getting presents for friends to be a really fun. Maybe it’s because I often don’t buy but make the presents. I love all things home-baked, so Christmas pastries or chocolates for the tree are one of my favourite things to do. It seems to me that when I get something that someone made for me, their time and effort is the biggest value.

& “Other” People

Who are the other people I have not mentioned yet? As I said, this year I noticed there have been people I shouldn’t forget. I realised they should either get a present or at least a card with acknowledgement because they contributed to me like no one else.

Who are they? For example our private doctor, who’s made wonders with our health. My intern who’s been just amazing at doing research for me and pushed me when I wanted to slack. A favourite barista of mine who’s made a number of great cups of coffee for me (always with latte art!). Colleagues and managers at work who gave me advice and taught me new things. These are just a few people on the list.

Holidays are perfect for showing gratitude. A small present, chocolate, homemade cookies, or a card with a thoughtful note – they all make a difference in saying “Thank You” and that makes the best of all Christmas presents.