The Flavour Of A Book Reading In Three Cities Around The World

This year has been a breakthrough year in my writing. Since I published my children’s book The Girl Who Wanted to Catch a Cloud in a Marmalade Jar in late April, I started to wonder what people really dream about. Each book event gives an opportunity to discover one’s dreams in a different way.


In London, we had a mixed audience with children, parents and big children alike. They shared their hearts out in Vanilla Black’s cozy basement with fireplace, drinking teas and coffees while chewing meringues. The London weather was playing its games, as usual. But by the time I finished reading from the book, the crowd left into sunny Sunday afternoon.

San Francisco

San Francisco book event is on the roadmap for 24th June. This book event bound to happen in the always sunny (that’s what they told me) weather. Think reading and sitting on blankets and then a pool party with hot dogs and burgers. That’s the flavour of San Francisco.

New York

Meanwhile, New York seems to be turning out in its own way. I met and spoke to Adina behind Make Art Be Happy, Inc. who does art workshops and we’re pairing up for a stronger event, New York style. Art and books and stuff. Naturally. All in the outdoors settings of Battery Park in the southern tip of Manhattan. There’s a possibility we may use the space of Tribeca Library – but that’s to be confirmed.

New York takes our dreams to a new lever. We won’t just talk about them and look what are the steps that result in making those dreams true. With Adina’s help we’ll also draw a folding book that we’ll take away to remind us what the dreams is and what we need to do to make them happen.

Hana Jay's Book Event with Make Art Be Happy Inc.
From Adina’s workshop (Make Art Be Happy Inc.)

If you’re interested in joining us, get your ticket and confirm your attendance at San Francisco or New York, and RSVP to our San Francisco Facebook Event and New York Facebook Event.