What I Love This April: Matcha Bloom Tea

I love nothing more than having a great cup of coffee. Well, except for a wonderful, fine-grade matcha tea. Since I don’t have an espresso machine, high-quality tea is easier to prepare. And if you don’t know what matcha is, know that it’s your new cup of espresso – only greener. Matcha is high in antioxidants and gives you lovely buzz without spikes and lows. Japanese monks drank matcha tea in Zen monasteries to stay awake during long hours of meditation. Today, we drink matcha to keep our high while we work – the healthy way.

I’ve been discovering matcha since last summer (2016) when I went to New York. With so many matcha places around, it was hard to escape the green drink. It tastes amazing hot by itself, or as latte, or even as a frappe with milk and ice. I find matcha easier on my stomach while giving me a nice caffeine, or in fact theanine, kick. The only thing that can be a intimidating about matcha is the quality. The grades can vary and so does the price. Generally speaking, the higher the grade, the higher the price, and the better the quality.

Once you start drinking matcha tea a little more often, you will start noticing the difference in taste. Comparing the ceremonial grade (A quality) to everyday grade (B quality) or to baking grade (C quality) will become unthinkable. If you’re an “average” latter drinker (I’m one too most days), you may not need the highest standard. Despite that, don’t settle for the lowest standard. Somewhere in the middle is a good choice and recently I found a brand that’s just the right fit for me.

Bloom Tea is a UK tea company offering high-quality matcha tea. Apart from the famous green tea powder, they offer cleanse and flavoured blends, such as matcha with thistle or grapefruit flavoured matcha. In fact, I had tried all three of them. The classic Absolute Matcha, Ultra Cleanse Matcha with milk thistle and yerba mate, and Sunrise Matcha with grapefruit flavouring (no added sugar).

While Bloom Tea doesn’t state the matcha quality anywhere, I would say it’s somewhere between A and B grade. The tea has a nice bright colour and blends smoothly – tastes great with milk and without. The price is £16.99 for 30g which is a good deal for the quality. In fact, I have to admit I got a little addicted to it. The packaging is very nice, too, so overall, you have nothing to think about. Get your new match-a right away!