4 Life Lessons Of February – When You Think You Have It, You Don’t

If you see me go quiet on social media, it generally means two things. I’m either enjoying life too much and I completely forget there’s an online world. Or I fall into breakdowns and I deal with them, which manifests in the same way. Despite I had the latter experience of February, it was a month in which I learnt more than I wished for.

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Teaching Courses

I was teaching a Social Media Marketing course at the University of the Arts and long story short, it went really wrong. Although I prepared, updated the slides and put the work in, on the day of the course I wasn’t feeling well and had to take painkillers to function.

As the course started, elevators weren’t working and we were located in the 7th floor of the building. Later in the course people had problems with WiFi connection (on a Social Media Marketing Course!). Finally, the university sent them wrong materials from a different tutor, which upset the students and as a result, their expectations weren’t met. The impact? Essay-long stories of how much they hated it.

I had never received such horrifying feedback before and I almost had a meltdown when I read those feedback forms. Finally, when I calmed down and looked at happened, I could focus on where I could make sure next time things wouldn’t go wrong. As I spoke to the university administration about the feedback, we realised the description of the course is misleading and that’s why they had different expectations in the first place.

And then there were things I could improve. I have started adding more practical exercises that students do during the course. I practiced the course with a friend and looked at slides that didn’t work. Last but not least, I have made sure that in the future students get the right information about the course.

Life Lessons To Take Away: When you think you have it all figured out, you don’t. If you think you’re already good enough at what you’re doing, you’re not. Seeking out feedback is a crucial part of making results and the moment you stop seeking it, you stop developing your skill.

Life Lessons Of February – Take Courage

Books & Writing

Past month has been critical in terms of my book development. I have had the book edited and proofread, while Duncan has sent me more and more pictures from the book. Seeing the characters come to life has been an amazing experience. I always thought I had to do everything on my own, but this “little project” has turned out to be a huge collective work. Yet I started noticing there’s still one part I find difficult: making an impact with my book.

I was dwelling into this when one day I realised that I’m not making a difference in people’s lives with my book or writing. Let’s put it this way: nobody know me, I’m a newbie author, and I don’t have wide following of people. If I come to someone and tell them, “Hey, I have a book coming out, want to buy it and come to my book reading?”, there’s not much I leave them with. So I looked at things from other perspective.

How can I alter the life of parents and their children and make the main character a hero and role model? This question has given me many openings for action and empowers me the moment I think of it. Making a difference is one of the lessons I’m new to, but it becomes more and more present.

Life Lessons To Take Away: When you discover the world outside of “me”, you’ll see how fulfiling it is.


February was surprisingly tense in terms of free time and I saw how much it impacted my relationship with Andrej. The more we worked, the less time we spent together. How we made it work? We talked. A lot. Because of a number of breakdowns each of us were dealing with at work, we would’ve got distant. Yet we grew stronger and when each of us needed support, he really got it.

Life Lessons To Take Home: If you’re a couple, it means you’re in it together. In what specifically? Everything.

What were the life lessons that you learnt in February?