Join “Marmalade Jar” Book Readings In London, San Francisco & New York

I am most thrilled today to announce the official dates of my book readings. What I’m even more thrilled about is having the opportunity to bring children and parents together to have a conversation about their dreams.

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About The Book Readings

The book readings of The Girl Who Wanted to Catch a Cloud in a Marmalade Jar are scheduled for this summer in three cities: London, San Francisco and New York.

While the location of San Francisco and New York book readings will be outdoors and yet to be confirmed, London reading will be hosted in Vanilla Black Coffee & Books. Come and join us for a family-friendly event full of fun. We’ll have balloons and a special gift for everyone who attends.

Please, reserve your seat by buying a ticket, which includes a paperback copy of the book. If you’re buying tickets for your family, you don’t have to buy a book for each member, just indicate how many members are coming with you. Also, please RSVP to a corresponding Facebook event to get the latest updates about the book readings.

I look forward to seeing you!

Author’s Story

In fact, when I was a child, I remember there wasn’t too much conversation at home at all. My dad was spending a lot of time at work to provide for our family and my mom always rushed from work home to cook, help us with homework, and other things. I remember the days were busy and things got done, but no one spoke about anything that mattered to them. Only “lucky” people could afford to fulfil on their dreams.

And so when I was about thirteen, I decided that chasing my dreams isn’t for me. I started to learn maths to get to school where I didn’t want to study. I gave up singing and pursued skills that weren’t natural to me. Slowly but surely, I gave up on doing what I loved. But all of the sudden, about ten years later, something happened.

I moved to a new city, Prague, where, completely on my own, I got my first job. While making some money and finding a new home, I started writing. I dreamed of moving to New York, the capital of publishing, but something better crossed my path. It was my soon-to-be-husband. We moved to London and with all the ups and downs, we started chasing our dreams. And then a doctor’s appointment revealed that I was sick and under the threat of cancer.

That was a wakeup call like no other. I could no longer suppress my desire to write books that would inspire people to do the same – give up everything they had to in order to make those dreams happen. If I didn’t stand up for them, then who? If not now, then when?

Luckily, this story has a happy-ending. Two years later, after many doctor’s appointments and treatments, I received negative results. Today, it’s my obligation and biggest honour to deliver my promise. That’s why I host book readings, to inspire children to chase their dreams, and to empower their parents to make this conversation a priority, so that all children’s dreams can happen.