3 Life Lessons Of March – You Get Only What You Tolerate

Books & Writing

It’s been an exciting month in terms of getting my book published soon. Duncan, the illustrator, is sending me illustrations one by one. I’ve already seen the cover. It’s all amazing.

I’m learning a lot from authors who I’ve contacted in the past month, yet blogging has been as fulfilling as the work on the book. In fact, it’s the first time in months I’m getting satisfied with my writing. Consistency is the key. It’s not even the frequency everyone talks about so much.

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Life Lessons To Take Away: Consistency gives you clarity in what you do. Only when you try out something and stick with it for some time, you’ll see whether what you’re doing works or doesn’t. So stick to it.

Teaching Courses

As I’m developing a new blogging course that includes all from writing techniques to managing your website and turning it into e-commerce business, I got present to one thing. That I’m rushing my way too much, thinking I’m stuck in a rut. The truth is quite different, though. Everything is moving smoothly and progress, I just deny to see that.

On top of it, I’m getting more clients for coaching and consulting, which is great, yet makes planning my calendar even more strict. Generally speaking, people don’t like to follow rules too much. The problem is when you don’t set any. And I’ve been making this mistake over and over and over again. Finally, this month, I’ve learnt my value and started being strict about it. Coaching agreements are the key – if you manage expectations in the beginning, you avoid disappointment.

Life Lessons To Take Away: You get only what you tolerate. If you tolerate people canceling meetings, that’s what you get. It’s incredibly important for any business owners to set rules. If you don’t have them, don’t expect things will work your way.

Friendship & Relationship

I have never really been good at friendships. While I know that I’m pretty good girlfriend and partner, being a friend is a foggy area to me. On top of that, I’ve always only been able to manage a friendships with guys. Maybe it has something to do with having an older brother and a very good relationship with my dad. Nevertheless, I’m getting a little tired of that. I miss having a girl friend. One to go out with, go for a pink drink, or shopping. I don’t even remember the last time I did that – maybe even never?

My other takeaway from this is also getting more clarity around my relationship with my soon-to-be-husband. After we got engaged, I see it shifted something in me. I don’t feel like going out with guys too much anymore. If that’s a good friend, from time to time, coffee, yes, why not. But dinners and drinks with guys I met a few times and invited me out, well, somehow I’m not keen on that anymore. Seems like I’m on a mission: new girl friends to find – check; dedicate time to the one who matters most – check.

Life Lessons To Learn: Despite common belief that men and women can’t be just friends, which I seem to break on more than just regular basis, there is something about belonging to a tribe of women (if you’re a women) or men (if you’re a men). I’m very keen on creating one relationship that works really well and I’ve