11 Fiction Books On My 2017 Reading List

It’s 2017 and over two years since I’ve settled in the UK. For two years, it seems to me I carry this “I have no time for reading” excuse. What can I say? I really hate it and suffer from it. I love reading fiction and as an author, I desperately crave reading on regular basis.

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Before all this moving madness started in early 2014 (when I successfully moved 7 times between 3 countries), I used to read over 30 books per year. So this year, I decided to be realistic. As I opened my Amazon wish list, I found there over 600 books on my reading list. I know there’s no way I’m going to read them soon, so I decided for a different tactic – I’ll read only what I truly want, not what I think I should read.

Now, my brain is fighting that I should read something really smart and clever. Best something I can learn from. But for once, I think this is the year when I read only something easy and fun. I hope my reading list inspires you too. If you like any of the books, the book covers in the slider are clickable and will lead you straight into the Amazon book store.