How To Make The Best Of Your Restaurant, Bar And Coffee Dates

Andrej and I have been dating for over two years until we got engaged. Dates are fun. They stop us from getting too used to the everyday life and bring in moments that otherwise don’t happen. They can be different for every couple, but personally I divide them into three categories: coffee, bar, and restaurant dates. Which one is the right for you? Find out by reading more.

Restaurant Dates

I consider restaurant dates a little special, especially since we’ve moved to London and Andrej works long hours. While we lived in Prague, we had more time for going out, and we loved going to fancy restaurants. I remember our first date that marks our “we’re officially dating” date. I picked a place called Café Lounge that had a jazz music playing that night, and we ordered some charcuterie with a bottle of wine. Or maybe two.

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How to Get the Most from Your Restaurant Dates: Restaurant dates were made to be special. They’re made to highlight occasions and they involve dressing up, holding hands and sharing the best moments. It’s about the food, dim light, and above all, sharing. Share your heart out and talk about your dreams. I did that a couple of times and never regretted I did. While in New York, we went to Circa. I shared about wanting to go to the Being A Leader course and publishing a book. Few months later, I did the course. Today, I’m working on my children’s book that I publish on 25 April 2017.

Restaurants I Recommend to Couples in London:

Jamie Olivier’s Fifteen – Great for meaty dishes, fresh ingredients and dim light

15 Westland Place
London N1 7LP

Toulouse Lautrec – French restaurant with nice wines and French specialties

140 Newington Butts
London SE11 4RN

Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill – Seafood at it’s best in Mayfair close to Regent Street

11-15 Swallow Street
London W1B 4DG

On the Bab – Informal dinners and 100% Korean foods

39 Marylebone Lane
London W1U 2NP

Restaurant Dates

Bar Dates

Bar dates are something in between restaurant and coffee dates. They happen in evenings, they don’t include too much eating – but come with wine or drinks. Sometimes when the workweek feels overwhelming, they’re perfect to let steam off. Plus a glass of wine will make you fall asleep quickly. Win-win.da

How to Get the Most from Your Bar Dates: The most important thing – don’t drink too much! If you mix the workweek overwhelm with too much alcohol, nothing good comes out. I remember a date when we started off perfect, but too much wine turned the experience into blaming and complaining.

Bars I Recommend to Couples in London:

Fowld’s Café – Mini café with bar open for drinks, ciders and wines

3 Addington Square
London SE5 7JZ

Terroirs – French restaurant with nice interior and great wines

5 William IV Street
London WC2N 4DW

Coffee Shop Dates

Needless to say, coffee dates are my favourite. They’re informal but if you want to make them feel special, you can. Andrej and I have a few favourite spots in the neighbourhood (Vanilla Black, I’m looking at you) that feel like a living room (one that we currently don’t have). When we get the coffee, we sit down and read some papers for a while. Then start talking about what’s important to us. We usually talk through our problems and after a little bit of talking, they seem less heavy or they even disappear.

How to Get the Most from Your Coffee Dates: Find your favourite spot but also look for new ones from time to time. Dress comfortably, share about what’s important to you and listen to what your better half says. Listening is the key here. When you really listen, you let other person’s let go of their worries. And that’s what’s relationships are all about.

Coffee Shops I Recommend to Couples in London:

Vanilla Black Coffee & Books – Great coffee, cakes and salads, including gluten-free options

306-308 Kennington Road
London SE11 4LD

Iris & June – Coffee drinks and cakes and all sorts of healthy eating options

No.1 Howick Place
London SW1P 1WG

Coffee Shop Dates