February Favourites: A Little Hygge, More Veg & Too Much Matcha

New month, new opportunity to start fresh. While in January I’ve been juggling too many things, February has come with more peaceful fashion. I decided to push work a little bit away and create more space for myself. Here are a couple of things that help me get back on track.

The Little Book Of Hygge

London bookstores are full of books about Hygge. It seems like “the Danish way to live well” has become the new trend, possibly beating mindfulness and yoga. What’s Hygge? While the term isn’t really possible to translate, it refers to the Canadian term “hominess”. That includes candles, coffee, tea and cakes, inviting friends for dinner, dinner dates, TV nights, going for walks and wearing cozy socks.

If you live outside London, it may seem strange to you why this is becoming a trend. If you live in London, you probably understand why Hygge is suddenly so important to your life. At least you have a good excuse to sleep 10 hours and miss your gym class.

February Favourites: The Little Book of Hygge

Less Meat, More Veg

I’ve been eyeing this book for some time and could not been happier to receive it as a present from my soon-to-be sister-in-law. I seriously think that Rachel de Thample has written the cookbook of our lifetime. Here’s why I think that: There are people like me who will never give up meat. If you love the paleo diet, you may think it’s all about eating meat. It doesn’t have to be – and this book is a proof there are many paleo-friendly recipes full of veggies.

Finally, experts on climate change warn that (especially) beef is the number one type of meat that promotes the climate change. Cutting on meat is not only beneficial for our planet, but many nutritionists argue that also for our bodies. Let’s make this clear: I’m allergic to legumes and nuts, so the vegan sources of protein are non-existent for me. But reducing it seems like a great idea. In fact, I remember Kayla Itsines (I fail to find the blog post) wrote on her blog recently that you don’t have to be obsessed about complex protein; your body has the ability to produce it when you take some.

Can’t wait to start ticking off the recipes as I make them!

February Favourites

Matcha All The Way

It’s official: I’m more obsessed about matcha tea than about coffee. No more shaking hands, no more heavy stomach, no more sleepless nights. It looks like matcha tea is becoming more and more popular in London and I’m not surprised. It has more antioxidants than spinach and it is the way to drink your greens. This high-quality Japanese tea has natural fat-burning properties and with a splash of milk it can replace your cup of latte.

Yet some of you may still not be fully convinced: the green “grassy” taste may not really be your cup of tea. Well, for those of you I have some great news: now matcha comes in flavours too. If you like the soothing properties of mint tea, Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Company sells Peppermint Matcha Tea. Great for digestion, I especially like to have it after lunch. And if you really fancy being creative, add a teaspoon of dark cocoa powder and a sweetener of choice and there you have a matcha mint choc drink.

Another great option is the White Kenya Matcha powder which is also a little untypical. It feels almost “virgin” like and has subtle flavour and pale green colour. If I don’t drink it pure, I make a matcha cappuccino made of almond milk. The milk foam is a match-a made in heaven!

Finally, I had an opportunity to try one other tea I’ve not tried before: Darjeeling Nagri Farm Green Tea. I’m a big fan of black Darjeeling for it’s pure, smooth and chocolatey taste and I was curious what the green one would be like. The green Darjeeling tea has no grassy, green, bitter aftertaste. It’s very pure and soft almost like spring water. Needless to say, I’m impressed – I think this tea has become an instant staple of my tea shelf.

What is making your February great? Share in the comments!

Disclaimer: Teas were provided from Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Company for a review. All opinions are my own.