I Was Reading 30 Minutes A Day & This Happened

As winter was creeping in last year, I found it harder and harder to stick to books. It may seem strange since cold months are perfect for curling up with a good book… but my schedule was a little heavy with work on my book than any other books. And so I started a new challenge for myself: I started reading just 30 minutes a day. Every time during the day or before the sleep I would put an alarm on my iPhone and got lost between the pages. Here are the five things that happened after I did this for longer than 2 weeks.

1. I Got Back Into My Habit

Reading is one of my most favourite things to do. Maybe its yours too. Then how come there are always 1,000 other things that seem more important? 30 minutes, 2 weeks. That’s all it took. It takes only 2% of my day to get back to my good old habit.

2. I Started Reading Faster

First thing I started noticing and it took only 5 days was that I started reading faster. Not significantly, but faster. I was mainly reading Tony Robbin’s Awaken Your Giant Within. The book is really thick with small letters. Generally I read pretty fast, yet my pace started at 12 pages per 30 minutes. By the end of week 2 I started to get to 18 pages per 30 minutes consistently. That’s more than 20% improvement.

3. My Concentration Got Better

When I was completely out of my habit, any kind of reading seemed like an impossible task. My mind was constantly racing. I couldn’t turn off the volume of thoughts. With a little bit of practice, it started to get a lot better. It still takes a bit of work to completely dwell into the book and don’t get distracted, but it’s no longer what it used to be.

4. I Started Liking Facebook Less

With that, I started avoiding social media more and more. Not because there’s something wrong with it – it’s a powerful marketing tool I love to use and I also teach people how to use it. But because the more time I spent scrolling down my Facebook feed, the less focused I would be during the day on other tasks. (I’m writing a another blog post about this, stay tuned.)

5. It Was Easier To Fall Asleep

Sometimes I have trouble falling asleep because I tend to think of too many things. Focusing on reading a book, an actual longer material, helps me to mute down these thoughts a little bit and fall asleep much sooner. I’ve noticed my sleep is also deeper and sounder.

I have continued reading 30 minutes a day after those 2 weeks and I still enjoy it!

How much do you read? Would you be up for taking a 14-day challenge?