Meet The Illustrator Of My Book: Duncan Beedie

I am pleased to share some great news with you today. I’d like to introduce you to the illustrator of my children’s book, Duncan Beedie. If the name isn’t that new to you, I wouldn’t be surprised. Duncan doesn’t only do illustration, but he’s also published two amazing children’s books.

Duncan Beedie - The Lumberjack's Beard

The Bear Who Stared was published a year ago, followed by The Lumberjack’s Beard published just last week. His stories and illustrations are one of those quirky and simple ones that don’t try to be cute. And that’s exactly what makes you fall in love with them.

You may ask how did I get to Duncan? Umm, rather boring story – Google search. When I was looking for someone to make illustrations for my book, I had specific style in mind. I wanted the pictures to be modern, witty but not too cute or fairy-taleish. I contacted about 10 people and was lucky that my top 2 choices responded back. Few emails back and forth, Duncan was the one still saying “yes” to my project (now it feels a bit like talking about marriage)…

Anyhow, The Girl Who Wanted to Catch a Cloud in a Marmalade Jar could not ask for better and more skilled person like Duncan. Trust me when I say the first illustrations of the book are marvellous. I’ve seen Cheri, her mom and the Fox so far and they look even more fabulous than I ever imagined them. I mean, really. Stay tuned for a sneak-peak. Meanwhile, get a copy of Duncan’s books and follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Duncan Beedie - The Bear Who Stared

All pictures © Duncan Beedie