How To Get Cozy This Winter With Whittard

I’m a big fan of coffee and tea (in no particular order) and when I saw this year’s Whittard holiday collection, my heart sank. The boxes and packaging look super-festive. And the selected flavours and collections are exactly what you need for cold winter days. (Or at least I do.)

Whittard's Of Chelsea Christmas Collection

Whittard's Of Chelsea Christmas Collection

What’s New

The new tea selection includes Mulled Wine and Christmas Tea, both black flavoured teas. They’re quite full-bodied flavours so if you like something darker, you’ll be a fan. For this time I decided to skip – you see, I prefer real mulled wine.

There’s also a big selection of hot chocolate that also comes in fancy packaging, but there’s no new flavour. My only advice is not to get fooled by the Luxury Hot Chocolate which has less cocoa content (39%) than 70% Hot Chocolate and also contains dextrose. 70% Hot Chocolate contains only real sugar. Neither is good for your health, but should you should choose sugar, choose the real one.

What made me really happy, though, is the Hazelnut Flavoured Coffee. I’m not generally into flavoured coffees, or any additional syrups (okay, once every three months as a dessert) but this one got me interested. I brewed a cup just to test it and first I was pleasantly surprised with the smell. It’s beyond amazing! The flavour is very dark as much as I expected and a good standard.

Whittard's Of Chelsea Christmas Collection

Hazelnut Flavoured Coffee

The Hazelnut Flavoured Coffee is now available in a special tin and a bauble for stocking fillers (and regular packaging as well) online or in Whittard stores.

I decided to add Salted Caramel Truffles to my collection and that was it – I’m ready for Christmas Eve dinner! The coffee and truffles will be the perfect companions after Andrej and I have the main dish. You see, there’s always some space to satisfy our sweet tooth.