2016 Roundup: The Most Inspiring Moments In 12 Months

The end of the year is just around the corner, can you believe it? I think 2016 was the fastest year in the history – I experienced many bad moments as well as great ones. You can’t really separate those two, because without each other I wouldn’t have a breakthrough. I hope to inspire you with some of them to have one for yourself in 2017.


2016 Roundup - UAL Social Media Marketing

January started sharp and with a new challenge. The University of Arts London was looking for a new tutor to teach Social Media Marketing. So, I took the course first and a month later, I started teaching it. It was a rewarding experience. Once I taught one where I had one person who disliked everything and basically wrote me the worse review you can possibly imagine. I learnt from that mistake and since then I only got 4 or 5 star reviews. (No bragging here!)


2016 Roundup - Paris

In early February, Andrej and I went for a trip to Paris. Needless to say, it was wonderful. We didn’t go sightseeing much. Instead, we stayed in bed one day and in the evening went to Moulin Rouge. I also got some macarons at Pierre Hermé and fulfiled my dream of going to one of his shops in Paris.

2016 Roundup - Paris

Most days we were eating out at local bistros and enjoyed a glass of wine with almost every meal (except for breakfast when we had champagne – joking!). At one point after two glasses I got extremely excited about my writing and upcoming books…

2016 Roundup - Victoria Embankment

Back from Paris, reality showed the not-so-pleasant face. I lost a valuable customer. One afternoon I took a walk at the Victoria Embankment, I took a deep breath and I declared I would start my own business right that moment. I never looked back since.

2016 Roundup - Anniversary at Holborn Grind

The end of the month took a different spin, though. Andrej and I celebrated our 2nd Anniversary on 28 February.

2016 Roundup - Wired & Socially Awkward

And the next day, on February 29, I had a book launch party, publishing my new adult short story collection Wired & Socially Awkward.


2016 Roundup - Zero To Blog

In March, I hosted first my first Zero to Blog workshops…


2016 Roundup - Zero to Blog

…and in April, I built my website and having a great photoshoot with Andrew.


2016 Roundup - WeWork Southbank

May was just full on. I had so many participants on my workshop at WeWork Southbank that they had to sit on the floor!

2016 Roundup - Connect Bratislava Zero To Blog

And then my next workshop in Bratislava, Slovakia (my hometown) my workshop sold out with over 30 participants including a journalist who wrote an article about me in Slovakia’s 2nd most-read daily newspaper.

2016 Roundup - Hana Jay

At the end of the month I visited my doctor and he had some great news for me. I was battling cervical inflammation and HPV 16, a cancerous virus, and I was winning the battle (spoiler alert: I won the battle completely by the end of the year!).


Summer in London was absolutely fabulous. One late afternoon during the weekend I went to Saint James’s Park and took a nap on the grass. London at its best.

2016 Roundup - WeWork London

Meanwhile, I continued falling in love with WeWork. More workshops were rolling…

2016 Roundup - WeWork London

…because in WeWork, you Always Do What You Love.

2016 Roundup - Prague

I finished the month with a visit to Prague where I did another workshop, and then traveled back to Slovakia for one last that summer.


2016 Roundup - Hana Jay Enagagement

I went to New York for the first time, which was a dream come true. On the 1 July 2016, in the middle of the lake in Central Park, Andrej asked the question and I said, “Yes! I thought you’d never ask!”

2016 Roundup - 5th Avenue Book Store

I learnt a few things about myself in New York too. First thing, I really like nice fancy book stores like this hidden gem on 5th Avenue right behind Toby’s Estate coffee shop. They had flowers too. Dreamy place.

And also that I really love iced matcha latte, maybe even better than coffee.


In August I crossed another thing off my bucket list: I visited Roald Dahl’s Museum. I spent there about 4-5 hours. If I were four, I would easily spend there the whole day.


2016 Roundup - Zero to Blog Brno

I did my very first workshop in Brno and I had a total breakthrough: through tiredness and sickness, I gave my best to a small crowd of people and they loved it. It’s hard to explain but you know that feeling when you do something really well…

2016 Roundup - Zero to Blog Bratislava

…in fact, even the second round in Bratislava was pleasant and at least half of the people left me a review which was more than positive.


2016 Roundup - Being A Leader Abu Dhabi

I did the craziest thing in October when I did the Being a Leader course in Abu Dhabi. The course turned my world upside down in the best way possible. Life has never been the same.


2016 Roundup - Hana and Costas

Another trip behind me, I started to settle down in London again. After a long long time, I started to worked on my book again and make it happen. Not alone, though, but with the support of my friends.


2016 Roundup - Hana In Bath

Andrej and I ended the year together, which was quite special – it was our first Christmas together (he always leaves for business trips on Christmas). We went to Bath for a mini-break and we found the town really charming. Just like our Airbnb bedroom in a Gregorian house where I finished off some work.

2016 Roundup - Hana's Birthday

We also celebrated my 27th birthday. Great time. My wish? I’ll never tell you because it may never come true.