10 Reasons Why You’d Love To Be A Minimalist

Minimalist is a person who likes to own little possessions. If you know something about me, you probably know I’ve been one for the past 5 years. In fact, I like to call myself a practical minimalist. What do I mean by that? Well, I simply don’t own anything that’s not practical. Which means I only own things I can get use of.

Why would anyone like to own less?

Maybe you’re asking now, “Why would anyone like to own less?” And it’s not an uncommon question. It’s very common that we want more. Magazines, Facebook, social media, television, podcasts – they bombard us with things we can buy. Many times I find myself thinking, maybe I should get this, or maybe I should get that. But the truth is I rarely need any of those things. Not just that – I don’t even want them.

Have you ever had the same thought that you’re buying things you don’t even want to own? Then you may want to consider being a practical minimalist too. I have 10 great reasons why you’ll love to be one.

1. Clean Up In Less Time

Does cleaning up take you a lot of time? Or do you pay someone to clean up for you? Either way, if you owned less you’d be able to get the chores done a lot quickly. Maybe there are things on the floor that don’t need to be there. Or maybe your night stand has too many decorations on it. Have a look – and get rid of some. You’ll see how fresh your home will feel.

2. Stop Looking For Things

Once you’ve got rid of things you don’t need, you’ll also stop looking for things. That’s because you can finally see them and they have one place where you put them!

3. Own Only What You Love

Speaking of getting rid of things – it also means owning only what you love. Remember that pair of jeans that you keep in your wardrobe, thinking that one day, some day, you’ll wear it again? That it will come back in fashion? Or that you’ll fit into it? In the world of practical minimalism, you own only what you love and what you get use of. There’s no going by halves here. You must both love it and use it. Then it has power.

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4. Get Back To What Really Matters

Being a minimalist gets you back to what really matters to you. You don’t need everything. You need only what’s important. This can have a huge impact on your spendings. Your pantry suddenly won’t be full of canned soups you never eat anyway. You won’t buy that magazine just because of a free gift. You start buying because you see value in what you’re buying.

5. Be Generous

If you don’t spend it on yourself, that means there’s also space for everyone else. You can buy a gift for someone you care about – a bouquet of flowers for your girl friend or chocolates for your mom. Or you can donate to charity. It’s up to you.

6. Save Up Some Money

Saving up is not a bad thing, yet today it seems to me like no one likes to do it. After all it’s much easier to spend than to save up. But imagine for a while what’s available to you when you put some money aside. You could go for holidays. Or even just a small weekend trip. Maybe you can start saving up for a new apartment without getting a huge loan. Finally, you can keep some money on your account. Nothing like having a peace of mind when something bad happens and you’re covered.

7. Gifts Can Look Different

The best thing about being a minimalist is that you get that it’s not about stuff. It’s about the people you love. Suddenly you’ll see that buying physical gifts isn’t necessary. You’ll get that experiences with your loved ones are more important. Dinners, evenings out, weekends together. And if it’s a physical present – why not cook that dinner? Bake a cake? There’s nothing more special than what you create with your hands.

8. Focus On Quality

I want you to picture something for a moment: I’m shopping for clothes and I’m wearing a dress I really love on the mannequin. I put it on it’s somewhat below my knees and the appliqué on the front is sticking out a bit. The dress looks good on me in general – I look professional, a little sexy but not too much. I could get it shortened and get the appliqué fixed. But considering the dress is £50.00 and the changes would cost £30.00, does it make any sense? If it’s not exactly that works, I just don’t buy it. The quality must be top-notch. End of story.

9. Get Presents You Really Want

The power of being a minimalist also comes with getting presents. You can make a wish list and ask people for exactly what you want. No missed expectations – books you’ll never read or socks you have a stash of in your drawer anyway.

10. As A Minimalist You Have A Choice

And that’s why I love being a practical minimalist. There’s a choice to buy and own as well as not to buy or even donate, give away or throw out. You’re fully present to and responsible for what you surround yourself with. So make that choice and be wise.

Are you a minimalist? What does it mean for you?

Or have you considered being one? What makes you want to join the tribe or actually challenges you?