9 Things To Love About Roald Dahl’s Books

I’m planning a trip to Roald Dahl’s Museum in late July. The place where the author created one of the most read best-selling books is located less than 40 miles from London. I’ve been wanting to visit the museum since I’ve been a child and I realised it’s time to fulfil my dream.

“Never do anything by halves if you want to get away with it. Be outrageous. Go the whole hog.” – Matilda

In the memory of the author, I decided to write this blog post why you should sink your teeth into Roald Dahl’s books in case you haven’t done so yet.

1. The Books Are Inspiring

I read Matilda when I was in first grade and I can’t stop being inspired by the main character of the story. In fact, I often ask myself, “What would Matilda do?” when I’m in a situation

2. They Can Be a Little Scary

The Witches are considered to be the first modern children’s horror story. Although I didn’t find it particularly scary, the credit it’s taken has allowed many other authors to expand the genres in children’s literature.

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Regarding Dahl’s short stories for adults, the fear factor is somewhat higher. Perhaps the best-known story Lamb to the Slaughter is a great example of dark sarcasm mixed with malicious murder while at the same time, it doesn’t fail to entertain.

3. They Have a Great Sense of Humour

What can be more fun than two ugly and awful couple that never stops to fight? Twits may be one of the shortest children’s books by Dahl, but he totally nailed it. The humour in his stories is simple, witty and spread between the lines so you’ll keep on laughing and laughing.

4. The Illustrations Are Awesome

Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake were the perfect match. The illustrations in the children’s books are beautiful and vivid. They illustrate the characters perfectly. I had a few books illustrated by someone else and I was always complaining they were not as good as Blake’s.

5. They Make a Great Bedtime Reading

Short chapters, good mood – only problem is you may want to finish the whole story

6. The Children’s Books Are Not Just for Children

While Dahl published many books for adults, his children’s books are no worse for grownups than for kids. Andrej and I have read a few aloud together on picnics or before bed and enjoyed

7. They Make You Want Read More

I wasn’t a big book nerd as a child. Most of my childhood I resisted reading and I started reading only thanks to Matilda and The Witches. Reading these books made me discover that there’s a whole new world out there where something new is possible and in which something magical can happen.

8. They Make a Nice Gift

There’s no reason to explain this one – and if you’re a die-hard fan, there’s also a gift shop you’ll love.

9. They’re One of a Kind

You just can’t replace Roald Dahl’s books. They’re something to keep in your bookcase – careful about lending them, they may never get returned!

Photo credit: Roald Dahl’s Museum