10 Nice & Naughty Ideas That Will Get You Ready For Christmas

I love Christmas. I mean, I really really love Christmas. But not only the Christmas Eve or the Christmas Day — I enjoy especially the days before it, starting December. The days are short, the nights are long, and enjoying the time inside has never been better.

In fact, the best part is making all the preparations and having fun with getting things ready. What things? Here are my 10 favorites for this year.

1. Decorating Everything with Sparkle & Glitter

I’m not that kind of woman who is normally keen on sparkly and glittery stuff. But during the Christmas time, I think it’s perfectly fine to go wild. Everything should be drenched in glitter. Yes, everything.

2. Shaking a Snow Globe

This one is my guilty pleasure. I bough the most awesome snow globe at Marks & Spencer this year and every time I see it, I must shake it. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

3. Enjoying Endless Cups of Tea

One cup is not enough. Two neither. All I’m saying is: stock up well.

4. Having a Hot Chocolate Afternoon with Your Friend

Ahh, I really love this one. The key is to get a nice bar of chocolate (at least 50%, but I prefer 70-85%) real cocoa butter, dates, and unsweetened almond milk. Bring the milk to boil with dates, add the rest of ingredients, et voilà, the best hot chocolate on earth can be served. It tastes best with a good friend, you can trust me on this one.

5. Baking Gingerbreadmen

And gingerbread houses. Gingerbread anything. Because gingerbread rocks.

6. Using Cinnamon in Everything

Because if your home doesn’t smell like cinnamon, it means you can’t smell the Christmas spirit.

7. Roasing Chestnut

This is a total autumn-to-Christmas season special. Roasted straight-from-the-oven chestnuts taste the best on sunny winter days spent in parks.

8. Getting Warmed up by Your Favorite Food Chain Hot Drink

I just love how every food chain in London has a different hot drink. Cafe Nero has something with berries, Pret A Manger has mint chocolate, McDonald’s has toffee chocolate, and Starbucks has everything from pumkins spiced latté to hazelnut. Those drinks are all sweet like hell and I’ll probably never taste any of them, but whatever, the options make me warm and fussy inside.

9. Making Mulled Wine During Long Winter Nights

This is a classic. Tastes best at Christmas Market when it’s freezing cold. If you find one that is strong enough, half a cup will be enough to get you in the right Christmas mood.

10. Sipping Tennesee Honey Whiskey & Bailey’s

First I must confess I don’t really drink liqor, but I “accidentally” tried Tennessee Honey Whiskey this year and the sweet taste reminded me of Christmas. It is Christmas in a bottle. And yes, count in Bailey’s Irish Cream too.

What are your Christmas time favorites?