How To Do Everything In Your Life With Love, Fun & Ease

You’re sitting in a roller-coaster called life. Sometimes the pace is higher than you like, sometimes you’re sick to the stomach, but most importantly, you enjoy the high – you enjoy seeing things from the top and most of all, you enjoy being on the top.

Sometimes it can almost feel like you’re doing things only to be on the top, to get there, to stick in the, to hold on, hold on, hold on

Suddenly the high is gone. As soon as you’re down, you don’t like the roller-coaster anymore and you’d prefer to sit in a comfortable chair with a cup of coffee and don’t bother about anything.

That’s exactly what I wanted to do yesterday. It’s been two hell of a weeks – at it’s best. I’ve had the most fantastic conversations with my friends, some of whom I haven’t heard for years. My boyfriend invited me for a date and we had an amazing time as we talked about what we’re creating in our future. I taught my course for the first time at UAL and it was a blast.

And then yesterday I realized I miss all my friends and they’re far away from me. My boyfriend got upset about having to progress too much and too fast at work. And guess what? I got a not-so-good review for the first time ever and it goes straight to UAL.

That’s how things go. As soon as you’re up, you’re on your way down. How to keep on going, though, and enjoy the velocity even when it gets uncomfortable? Here’s what put me back on track – instantly.

1. The Lows Are Part of the Process

Have you finally reached the top of the mountain? Then it shouldn’t surprise you it’s time to go down. What may surprise you, though, is that going down can be harder than climbing the top. Firstly, there’s no one top of the mountain. After every mountain comes a new one. And a new one. And another one. And you have to climb up, climb down. Clim up, climb down. That’s how it goes.

2. Do Only What You Say You Would Do

I know, you must think I’m making fun of you know. But I’m not. It’s actually as easy and as hard as this: Do in your life only what you say you will do and if there’s something you don’t want to do, just say no. Makes sense? Good.

But what if you broke a promise? Get it clear with the person you broke the promise to. People often think they have to do something in their lives, but that’s not true. No one can make you. You are only making yourself.

3. Love What You Do by Knowing Why You’re Doing It

Have you ever found yourself being in place when you were doing something and it felt tough and hard? And did you think for a second why you were actually doing it? If your why didn’t resonate with you and it doesn’t empower you (because I have to; because my friend wouldn’t ever call me again, etc.), whatever you’re saying to yourself while you’re doing it is a lie.

Live Your Happy Ending

When I realized these three things, my day was completely different. I invited a friend out and we’re going for high tea to Laudurée. I told my boyfriend I loved him for whoever he is and isn’t, and the fact that I want him to progress is my stand for him to get wherever he wants to be. Most importantly, I realized I wouldn’t stop doing any of my workshop just because one person bashed me and after writing to UAL, I got a reply that they will disregard the bad feedback, because all other feedback was great.

All is good. Life is good. Why not enjoy every second of it?