How The Happiest Couples Plan The Most Thrilling Holidays

This year me and my boyfriend Andrej went for our holidays to Bristol and Wales. We planned everything pretty early – the bus tickets, the car rental company, the places we’d stay in with Airbnb. There were no surprises. Until we actually got to what we were doing.

Andrej wanted to do hiking and I wanted to go to the beach. To me, hiking is just a long, boring walk. And to him, the beach sounds like fun for a retired couch potato.

Now don’t get me wrong. Andrej got his hiking done and I got my soak in the ocean. But we could’ve enjoyed the holidays slightly more if we talked about certain things in detail before. If he’d got someone to do the hiking with, he could do more hiking. And if I’d had someone to go to the beach, I would probably spend there the whole day, not just two hours.

In other words, although our holidays were amazing, we found some space to upgrate them to thrilling. Here’s how.

1. Talk about Your Expectations

As I just illustrated, we both had slightly different expectations about what we’d do on our holidays. And there’s nothing wrong with having different expectations. The question is, how to meet them? The key here is communication. Talk about it. Say what you want to do, what you really enjoy and what makes you the happiest. Then make it work.

2. Don’t Plan Too Much

Are your holidays packed with too many sights to see and things to do? Maybe you’ve forgotten that on your holidays, you don’t need to make a to-do list! From my own experience, it’s a good idea to plan an empty slot of time where you can do whatever you want. The freedom of choice is really liberating.

3. Make Space for Each Other

Luckily, Andrej and I have very open communication and “I need more space” is not an uncommon sentence in our dialogues. It’s important to know to say it aloud. Because we can, we didn’t have to hang around each other all the time and we’re free to choose to do things alone. So he went hiking (unexpected!) some more and went to picking blackberries.

4. Have Some Special Time Together

On top of everything, don’t forget to take some special time together. For me and Andrej, it’s always going to be a coffee shop or a nice restaurant where we have a glass of wine or two. Or three. And we discuss our future, our latest breakdowns and breakthroughs. Let the world around shrink. Just us two. I don’t need to continue, do I?

How do you plan your holidays with your partner?