Gift These 4 Books To Your Loved Ones (And They Will Love You Forever)

1. Hey Girl — The Journal

This Ryan Gosling notebook is totally eye-catching and I believe all girls will understand why. Writing down Ryan-approved notes while reading his highly self-affirmating quotes will simulate your brain in the most positive way.

Warning: You may start feeling way too hot.
Tip: Buy this journal to your best friend and she’ll love you forever.

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Book Gift – Hey Girl

2. Letters to My Future Self

Have you ever written a letter to your future self? I did, once. When I was eleven and I found and opened that letter when I was 24. The content of the letter was so surprising (and devastatingly accurate) that my eyes almost popped when I read the lines. My past self told me to write a book and to move to London. (That was after having chosen the career of a writer and moving to the UK).

(Edited 20/07/2017) I also gave this book as a gift to a 9 year old girl and she loved it! Get the book from Amazon. One for yourself, one for someone else.

Warning: The future you create for yourself might come true.
Tip: Go for it! It’s a lot of fun (and embarrassment) reading what you wrote.

Book Gift – Letters To My Future Self

3. Alice in Wonderland: A BabyLit Color Primer

I found this book in Oxford, in a gift shop by Bodleian Library (but you can find it also here). Suddenly I wished I had a baby, because this wonderful Alice book also includes paper dolls (as you see in the picture above). Isn’t this amazing? Alice in Wonderland is a proof that you can’t have too many editions of this book.

Warning: You may want to buy this book for yourself and pretend you’re a 1 year old again.
Tip: Get a chocolate teapot with it and your Alice book club will be a success.

Book Gift – Alice In Wonderland

4. Secret Garden: 20 Postcards

The last book discovery is probably my most favorite one. Who doesn’t love the book Secret Garden? It’s such a wonderful summer read and bedtime book! If you love it as much as I do, then you’ll also like this edition with 20 postcards that you can color. But you don’t have to. That’s entirely up to you.

Warning: You’ll love this book, but it soon will be gone. Good news is that by sharing you’ll enjoy it 20x more, each time a postcard is sent.
Tip: This is a book about friendship and family, so send it to those that are close to your heart.

Book Gift – Secret Garden 20 Postcards

What are the books that you love to share with your family and friends?