5 Tips On How To Have The Perfectly Dynamic Relationship

Me and my boyfriend are all about keeping our relationship vibrant on every level. I could as well call it the “perfectly dynamic relationship”. What I mean by that? Whether we’re having fun, enjoying our time together, cooking dinner or having a critical argument, we want to be there for each other and push our boundries.

Here are the 5 things that we do to have that kind of relationship – the one that can take anything, all the good and all the bad.

1. Go on Dates Regularly

From time to time, my boyfriend asks me for a date. We go to the pictures or have a glass of wine, sometimes enjoy a 3-course meal in a nice restaurant or go to a theatre, like we did last time to see Matilda. Dating is a great way how to add a bit of fun to the relationship. Another great part about dating is playing small games such as ask your better half about something you didn’t know about him/her before. It really isn’t that hard to keep the sparkle alive!

2. Meet New People

It’s great to spend time together, but too much time together can be too repetetive. That’s when it’s great to go out together and bring other people along. Another couple is a great way to explore the relationship from a new angle. You learn something new – and maybe apply it to your own relationship.

3. Travel Together… & Separately

People say that traveling is the best way to learn something new about your self – so it is your relationship! It’s great to be in a different environment in which you can discover something new about your better half. Even more interesting, though, is to travel separately. My boyfriend usually goes for four business trips a year and they last from 3-6 weeks. It’s a long time to be apart. But we’re getting so much of this separation. We both have time to be with ourselves, learn something new for ourselves, and then meet together as two slightly new persons. You won’t believe unless you try.

4. Have No Expectations of Your Partner

Imagine your partner is blank canvas. He can be whoever he’s choosing to be, and you have no expectations about who he is, what he does, or what he likes and doesn’t like. Yes, this one is probably a tough one. But without expectations you don’t need to make yourself right or justify yourself to make him lose.

5. Create Context That’s Bigger than the Relationship

I remember the evening we put the stepping stone of our relationship: we promised each other that each of us is the support to make one other extraordinary and powerful. When the relationship isn’t about you (and it isn’t), you will never get into the argument “why is he not making me happy”. Because that’s not your partner’s work anyway. Your common goal is to make a difference, create something new, something bigger.

What practices work in the relationship with your partner?