11 Things To Do To Have A Productive, Fun Lunch Break

You have that special one hour during your day that is called “lunch break”. Whether you work full-time or you’re a frellancer, you should go and take it. Taking the time off from your screen will not only make you more relaxed, but it can turn pretty productive and fun if you choose to do one of the following 11 things.

1. Go for a Manicure

I’ll be honest, I actually haven’t tried this one, but it’s on my to-do list. Getting your nails done takes only a couple of minutes and will pick up your mood. Fresh tip: Have a manicure or pedicure at the Station Spa in Covent Garden and get an orchid flower for free. You know, it will match your mani and your home. P.S.: Manicure isn’t a strictly girly thing!

2. Go for an Acupuncture/Reflexology Session

This one is my favorite! Acupuncture and reflexology is great for your health, it heals your body and helps to unblock “stuck” energy in your body. It works and you’ll leave your lunch break refreshed.

3. See An Exhibition in Art Gallery

I’ve been walking around the National Gallery in London for months until one day I finally decided to go inside and have a look — during my lunch break. Looking at art will make you think about different stuff. And that’s just what you might need.

4. Take a Walk

I love to go out just for a walk. A mild physical exercise and fresh air is better than a cup of coffee.

5. Get Something Fixed

My favorite thing to do is to get my heels fixed. Or get my iPhone battery replaced. Or something of a similar kind. Talk super productive!

6. Take a Yoga/Gym Class

I work from Impact HUB Westminster where we have a great option of taking yoga and pilates classes for a small change. Plus there are two gyms nearby. So no excuses if your office has showers.

7. Relax in a Park

Relaxing in a park has a couple of advantages: you’ll recharge your batteries and you’ll get your vitamin D fix. Because your stress levels matter and so does your health.

8. Take a Power Nap

Sometimes I’m just super tired during the day. Then it’s time to take a power-nap. Do the following: get a coffee right before you get your 30-45 minute nap. The coffeine will kick in just after you wake up. Aww-some!

9. Pick up a Delivery from a Nearby Store

Occassionally I like to order an item or two from Mango. It’s a nice walk to Regent Street plus I’m not charged for the shipping.

10. Meditate

Lie down, close your eyes, breath in, breath out and leave your lunch break relaxed. Practicing meditation has proven to be good for your brain even by scientists – it reduces anxiety, transforms your brain, improves concentration, and much more.

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11. Eat Your Lunch (with a Friend)

I put this one as the last one, because it’s a cherry on top. Eventually there’s nothing like eating your lunch at your lunch break. Unexpected, right? Having a great conversation over lunch with a friend will probably empower you more than a phone call.

What do you love to do during your lunch break?