From The Book Reading In The Globe Bookshop & Café

For 2015 I wish for one thing: to live as a writer in each and every moment there is. Whatever that sounds to you like, for me it’s about going outside of my comfort zone and being really, really brave, while feeling really, really scared. Well, I couldn’t try any better than by doing my very first book reading in Prague.

Because I already made some contacts in Prague, Czech Republic, before I moved out from the country in summer 2014, I decided to make a book reading. With the support of The Globe Bookstore & Café, which provided the space of their English bookstore for me, I organized a book reading on which I read from my short story The Modern Love Birds.

I admit the event wasn’t the greatest thing ever. It was last-minute. I had no props. I had no gifts. But I had six great people coming in who showed me their support and who stayed through the book reading and discussion about the impact of social media on our lives, which lasted for almost two hours.

I know that time is the most valuable thing we have and having someone to devote it to me is the greatest gift I could ever get. Thank you. Apart from that, the book reading enriched me with three beautiful moments. First came before when I sat down on my chair (or in fact, on my bench) and waited for the people to come. A man shopping for books noticed me and started to ask about my book reading, saying he acknowledges me for what I do for the literature and also for just showing up. I was amazed. Some stranger thanking me for something I’m doing? No way.

After the book reading, I talked to someone from the café’s staff and he told me he knows a poetry writer who’s able to bring up to 100 people into their bookshop (or in fact, into the bookshop’s and café’s garden) for his readings. I was amazed again. Lukcy guy, so many people! How did he do that? Well, he’s been doing that since the 60’s. There’s cetrainly no luck in that, only a lot of devotion and passion for doing what he loves.

The very last moment came two days after the reading. This time my brother told me he appreciated the commitment I have towards my writing. I travelled from Bratislava to Prague to do it. I knew that I could fail or bore people to death. But I still put my ass out there and did it, and I didn’t really tap myself on the shoulder until I heard it out loud. Then I realized, holy crap, this is only the beginning…