A Love Affair That Lasts Forever: How To Get It & Why To Have It

Long, long, long, very long time ago, I’ve found some Andy Warhol quote posters that I just loved.

One of the posters read:

“I wonder if it’s possible to have a love affair that lasts forever.”

Isn’t that a beautiful thought? Ever since I read it, I spent hours thinking about it, analyzing it, tried to prove it right or wrong, but could never quite put my finger on it. I just didn’t know.

We all know how great new relationships feel at the beginning. They’re charming, passionate, and often idolized. They’re something most people want to cherich. Even more, they want to keep this fixed point of view, because they think that soon after the beginning, the relationship can only go way down.

I honestly believe that true love can be as fascinating and exciting as in the beginning as years later after the relationship started. I also believe that true love lasts forever. But how about love affairs? Most times they’re just an intense crush. Nothing more, nothing less. Neither have I thought they could last more than a while. Until now.

When Andrej and I got together at the begining this year, we created a possibility for our lives to have as much freedom in our relatinoship as each one of us needs. We want to travel. We want to explore. We want to do things globally. Quickly we realized that our relationship would be special, dynamic, and never quite the same as it was when we enjoyed our evening in Lounge Café in Prague.

This month, Andrej has gone to his first business trip to Bermuda for three weeks. I’ve been staying in London the whole time. I knew the three weeks would change him, because his work, in which self-development plays major role, teaches him new things every day and causes breakthroughs on large scale.

My biggest fear? I was afraid that I would not progress and wouldn’t keep my pace with him, especially when I got sick and spent over a week lying in the bed. My health has been a major issue for me in the past months. I’m sick all the time and trying to snap out of it, but I thought the presence of my sickness would keep me from moving forward in everyday life as well as in my writing career. In the end, I came to London to work on my writing, not to lie in the bed, which is what I’ve been doing more than I would like to admit.

So how could I  learn something new? How could I ever keep up with Andrej?

Truth is, since he’s gone, I’ve had so many breakthroughs (after so many breakdowns) that I can’t even count them. And today as I shared about the last one, he writes back saying he’s happy for me, adding:

“I’m going to come back home and find a whole new woman there.”

Warhol’s quote came to my mind after I read his message. That was it! He was excited to meet somebody whom he hasn’t met before, to fall in love with someone slightly new. Love affairs as we know them are usually pretty short. They don’t last long, but they’re exciting, yet never boring. And boredom is what makes people jump from one relationship to another: the boredom of one’s self, the boredom of each other.

I realized our travels will be our blessings. Each time we meet again, we’ll be someone not quite the same as before, and each time we’ll have the chance to enjoy our new love affair.